Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogging Again

It seems to be a looooong time since I have published a blog, 23rd Dec'10 was my last. I guess its time I wrote something.
I have not read or reviewed what I wrote n 2010 and I want to see what I have been through all this while. I know distinctly that I wrote about food, however I went all over the place writing about life and people and how we are all connected to food.

So Just like that in a flash of a moment this hot Oct evening I decided to write, was it some old idea I had put away or the bar of KitKat dark that I had its got me going.
In the past 2 years have learnt allot, about food and about life cannot decide on which Ive gotten better. I will write about my foodie experiences but am just trying to recollect the time I spent or the letter I wrote myself 2 years ago through this site called future me. I feel am rambling along not a bad start was at Busaba with family and have been to a lot many places with family more often. Its a different experience an awesome lightly flavoured Korean soup is called salt water and Vietnamese Sizzling fish curry is termed sweet. Once knows what to expect but perhaps just does not wanna stop trying. I cannot say that its been more that I have brought in from the life I lead where I've believed in being human and expecting!!. Anyways at least with food you can keep trying and adapting. Its just past midnight so will hit the sack and write more on the weekends. Been watching Anthony Bourdain and Bizarre foods allot will write later.